The World Soccer Tournament in Brazil is a sporting event that will draw the attention of millions of fans around the world. It will be one of the first times a worldwide sporting event is not just televised… but also broadcast through several social media channels. Because of this, businesses around the globe have a new opportunity to engage their customers through new and growing mediums.

Global Sporting Events: Where Social-Mobile-Local Can Really Shine

Global sporting events can also turn out to be big social media events. Learn how that amount of social activity can be a great opportunity for brands and for public organizations to leverage location intelligence. With millions on social and mobile during huge events, Location Intelligence can be a real asset. Learn more.

A True Multi-Channel Experience

Huge global sport events open many opportunities for businesses to reach customers. Whether it’s through social, mobile or more-traditional channels, businesses should always consider more than one method. Reaching customers in multiple channels can lead to higher engagement. Learn more.

10 e-commerce Facts about Countries playing in the World Soccer Tournament

Pitney Bowes powers commerce with technology. Global e-commerce & mobile technology have changed the way consumers learn about and purchase products. See some surprising facts and e-commerce habits from around the world. View Infographic.

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